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Calculating Heat Transfer

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    Hello, everyone,

    I have a question on how to calculate the heat transfer and change in temperature for a project I am working on.

    It consists simply of a cooling water block (that you would find on a tec cooler etc), a fresnel lens, and a pump.

    The fresnel lens focuses the light onto the water block and the water is then pumped through.

    Fresnel lens: 13x13" and 50 grooves per inch

    Water block: aluminum and a maze channel design. The surface area of contact with the water is known.

    Pump: 5 gallons per minute

    Any guidance is greatly appreciated!!


    Fritz Laun
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    Start by drawing a diagram showing the heat flux from the source to the water exiting the block.

    Write the heat balance equation, you should consider the energy source, the heat transferred to the block through radiation, the heat lost by the block surface through radiation and due to convection to the environment, if applicable, heat conducted through the block wall thickness and the net heat transferred to the water.

    You can write a small program to make the iterations needed to achieve the steady state.
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