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Calculating heat

  1. Mar 29, 2012 #1
    Im trying to calculate how hot the gas inside my exhaust pipe is. I have several numbers and a calculation on how to find heat transfer, but no way of finding inside temperature if i don't already know it.

    Length= 0.5m
    k (heat coefficient for stainless steel)= 25
    Internal Diameter= 73.2mm
    Outside Diameter= 76.2mm
    Outside Temperature= 206°C
    Inside Temperature= ?

    I managed to get the inside temperature at the exhaust exit which gave me...

    Inside Temperature= 171°C
    Outside Temperature= 90°C

    With that I was able to use the formula:

    Heat Transfer = ((2 * pi * k * L)/(Ln(Outside Dia/Inside Dia)) * (Inside Temp - Outside Temp)

    This gave me a heat transfer figure of 159,043.5W

    Whether any of that helps me figure out the temperature further up the exhaust pipe I have no idea. Especially considering I don't know the internal temperature of the gas at that section of piping. Anyone got any ideas?
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