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Calculating Mass Flow Rate

  1. Jul 22, 2009 #1
    hi all,

    First all my disipline is not fluids so this is why asking for little help here on the following.

    Basically i have all the required information but i can't seem to figure out how the answer to the mass flow rate of an orifice is obatained, its doing my head in, if anyone could break down the formulae for me with the values i would be very gratefull, here is the info.

    From what i have found the forumlae for Qm is

    Qm = C/(SQRT(1-BETA^4)) * e1 * PI/4 * d^2 * SQRT(2*DP*p)

    Think this is correct.

    C = 0.602193
    BETA = 0.423554
    e1 = 0.9999333
    d = 74.03900mm
    DP = 926.262 Pa
    p = 29.579049 kg/m^3

    the answer for Qm is 2.220256 Tonnes/hr, i just can't figure out how this is obtained

    Thanks in advance

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