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Homework Help: Calculating mass, volume, density and % of object submerged.

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    I was given an online simulation to complete a lab on density, buoyancy, and Force. The first simulation shows a rectangular tank filled with 100.0 L of water. Four cubes are given that are all 5.00 Kg. However, when each cube is placed in the water, the water level goes up.
    Blue Cube- 105 L
    Yellow Cube- 105 L
    Green Cube 102.5 L
    Red Cub 101.25 L
    From this information I have to calculate the percent of the cube that is submerged under water, the mass(which is already given here, but not in all the problems), the volume in Liters, and the density.

    2. Relevant equations

    3. The attempt at a solution

    Here is the chart that I have filled in, but my math just isn't adding up.

    Block % submerged Mass, kg Volume, L Density, kg/L

    Blue 100% 5.00 kg 5.0 L 1 kg/L
    Yellow 50% 5.00 kg 5.0 L 1 kg/L
    Green 100% 5.00 kg 5.0 L 1 kg/L
    Red 100% 5.00 kg 5.0 L 1 kg/L

    Here is another chart that I had trouble with, this is a completely different scenario from the one listed above.

    Same Volume
    Block % submerged Mass, kg Volume, L Density, kg/L
    Blue 100% 6.0 kg 5.0 L 1.2 kg/L
    Yellow 100% 8.0 kg 5.0 L 1.6 kg/L
    Green 4.0 kg 4.0 L 1.0 kg/L
    Red 2.0 kg 2.0L 1.0 kg/L

    I just don't understand how to find the volume of the cube in order to calculate the percent under water. Again, my math just isn't adding up
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