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Homework Help: Calculating masses of reactants&products in chemical reactions

  1. Jan 30, 2008 #1
    i cant do this home work. i REALLY suck at physics, this is why im here. can someone help me pleasse??? :)

    1#to combust completely 7g of iron, 2L of oxygen is needed. for each of the following state if any unreacred iron rests after combustion and if it does how much:
    a) 2g of iron and 500mL of oxygen
    b) 1g of iron and 300mL of oxygen
    c) 1.75g of iron and 500mL oxygen

    2# there exists two oxides of copper. Copper (I) oxide - Cu2O, and copper (II) ocide - CuO. calculate the % of copper atoms in each.
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