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Calculating Maximum torque.

  1. Oct 2, 2009 #1
    I have a question regarding the maximum rotational force applied to a shaft, im trying to work out the maximum force a one way bearing will be subjected to.

    What ive got is a honda gx240 motor, creating 15.3Nm of torque, which goes through a torque converter (cvt) which has a maximum torque multiplication of 2.7:1 then a chain is used to link the shaft with a 12/60 tooth sprockets creating a 5:1 ratio. In theory this would equate to a maximum torque of 206Nm (15.3 *2.71 *5) of torque.

    What im not sure about is how the diameter of the 60 tooth sprocket (say 6" in diameter) plays its part in the torque on the shaft?

    Can some one advise me if im on the right track?

    Thanks Brad
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