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Calculating Objects Floatation Height

  1. May 30, 2004 #1
    Hello everyone I need help with a calculation.

    I want to determine the height an object will float in saltwater. After running the 'basic' displacement calcs Im not getting the results I need - not accurately enough anyway.
    I know that the water displaced by an object equals its weight, but Im confused as to a partially submerged object. Since the weight / displace ment are equal, and an object in the water weighs less than on air- how do you calculate this as far as a formula ?
    :confused: I am working on redesigning a submersible - and trying to figure where its going to float because I need to get it floating higher on the surface and trying to figure it all out - based on a picture I saw of a simular sub floating much higher than I thought it would I think I am designing the surface ballast tanks to low, and too large perhaps........

    Thanks everyone........
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