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Calculating orbitals-rosette

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    I'm trying to calculate the pathway of a particular position on earths surface around its axis, around the sun, around the galaxy, drawn in towards the andromeda galaxy, outwards from the center of the big bang center, inwards towards a theoretical spiral....anyone?
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    The Academic Guidance forum is intended for those users who have questions about attending various academic institutions or the courses they might take there.

    If you have a technical question about a scientific topic, there are several technical forums to choose from.

    I'm moving your thread to the Astronomy forum, where it should receive more attention and pertinent replies.
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    alright ill explain this in different parts. i already know how to calculate arc length, but i want to know how to re-write the same equation with an extruded ellipse instead of a circle, i would also like to re-write it using an extruded rosette instead of a circle. the next step would be to calculate arc length when pathway of the axis of rotation is either an ellipse or a rosette. the next step would to take that equation and extrapolate the center point of the axis pathway into an ellipse or rosette. (I'd prefer rosettes as they would show more precise measurements in variation). Next would be to calculate the motion of the center of the final rosette towards another point (approximated average at the moment) when both points are moving outward from another shared center point which is also moving inward toward a center point in a spiral pathway.
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