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Calculating Required Torque

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    I'm working on a project which requires a rotating platform.

    I'm planning on turning the platform using a stepper motor,
    however I'm sure how to calculate the torque required to move
    the load.

    Here is what I have:
    the moment of inertial for the load and platform is: 2700 oz in2
    the platform must turn 30 degrees in 2 seconds ( have a angular velocity of 0.2618 rad/s)
    the motor is directly attached to the platform (no pulleys or gears)

    I tried calculating the torque using the method in the pictures.

    The torque I got seems too large to move a load which weights 5 lb. Perhaps I should have used the step angle, or maybe the formula I used does not apply to this problem.

    Could someone help I would very much appropriate it. Thank you in advance.

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    Well what you have is roughly 15 foot-pounds of torque, which I believe most electrical motors should be easily capable of.
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