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Homework Help: Calculating resistance

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    Each edge of a cube is built with a one ohm resistor. The body
    diagonals are also built with one ohm resistor each. Find out the
    equivalent resistance between any two adjacent vertices.

    Iam not able to get this problem at all. Please help me. its urgent.

    please help------------------
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    This looks pretty time consuming, and I don't really have the time or motivation to work it out to be honest :), but I will tell you the general procedure for these types of things. You need to create nodal equations, see how they relate, and then solve. You'll have a large number of equations to piece together, double digits, but you should be able to catch on to some kind of series or clever way to combine them. It's just like getting the req for your basic parallel or series resistances, just on a larger scale.
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    can u please elaborate a little.give me some starting eqn or something so that i can start the problem. please help.
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