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Calculating Steam Dryness Fraction

  1. Jul 13, 2011 #1
    I am trying to calculate the steam dryness fraction

    Working pressure of the boiler = 80 psi
    The corresponding steam temperature at 80 psi = 162.194 C
    The actual measured steam temperature = 115 C

    Other useful details at 80 psi
    Specific Enthalpy of Water (hf) = 685.231 kJ/kg
    Specific Enthalpy of Evaporation (hfg) = 2075.15 kJ/kg
    Specific Enthalpy of Steam (hg) = 2760.38 kJ/kg

    The formula for Total enthalpy of wet steam

    Actual Total Enthalpy = hf + hfg(X)
    where (X) is the dryness Fraction

    Actual Total Enthaply = 685.231 + 2075.15(X)

    Q. What value do i take as the Actual Total Enthalpy in order to calculate the dryness Fraction of the steam? or is there a better way to calculate the steam dryness fraction using just the working pressure, saturated temp and actual stream temp?

    Please advice
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