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Calculating Surface Area

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    I need to find the surface area of z=[tex]x^{2}+2y[/tex] where 0[tex]\leq[/tex]x[tex]\leq[/tex]1 and 0[tex]\leq[/tex]y[tex]\leq[/tex]1. I figured it's like trying any other surface area problem, but I think I'm misunderstanding how to set up this problem. Here is what I tried:

    [tex]\int^{1}_{0}[/tex][tex]\int^{1}_{0}\sqrt{2x+3}dydx = \frac{5\sqrt{5}}{3}-\sqrt{3}[/tex]

    However, my textbook says the correct answer is (3/2) + (5/8)ln[5]. Any help on where I went wrong would be appreciated.
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    Heh, never mind, I seem to have made a dumb mistake. I forgot to square my partial derivatives.
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