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Calculating the 3-D current that will pass from one electrode to the other through salt water

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    Just to clarify, this is not a homework or coursework question.

    I was wondering, if you have a large container of salt water and place two electrodes on either side, the current will pass from one electrode to the other through the salt water medium. Is the a way to calulate or 3D model the path of the current as I assume it occupies a certain volume between the two electrodes?
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    You have to solve for the electric potential and streamlines (current density) through the medium. This is a standard problem in electrostatics, although analytic solutions may or may not be easily found depending on the geometry and boundary conditions. If by volume you mean the total amount of salt water present, then no, that is not enough to solve the problem. The geometry of container and electrodes is important.
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    In principle, it can also be measured using a probe and a voltmeter. This technique is used for modelling aerofoils, and also for electrostatic problems such as the design of insulators.
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