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I Calculating the Electric FLux

  1. Jul 25, 2016 #1

    The problem:

    A 3.60cm x 4.50cm rectangle lies in the xy-plane. What is the electric flux through the rectangle if E=(80.0i + 50k) N/C ?

    My attempt:

    First convert the rectangle units from cm to m.

    4.50cm = 0.045m
    3.60cm = 0.036m

    Find the area of the rectangle.

    A = 0.036m x 0.045m = 0.00162 m^2

    Find the magnitude of the electric field.

    E = sqrt (50^2 + 80^2) = 94.34 N?C (aprox.)

    Multiply the two,

    electric flux = E * A = 0.15283 Nm^2 / C (aprox.)

    However, this answer is wrong. Could anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you.
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    Hello arileah, :welcome:

    This looks like homework and should be posted in the homework forum -- there's a mandatory template there.
    Your error is at the point where you multiply the two: that is a vector multiplication, not a magnitude multiplication.
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    Thank you! I am new to using physics forums. I'll post it to the homework forum.
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