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Calculating the power

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    I have been working on a new idea. However, i could not find out how to calculate the r.p.m of the power source. How do i do it.
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    What are you talking about?
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    well i'll give you an overview.
    i have calculated the torque. what i want to know is how to find out the rpm of the engine. it is a new type of engine. what are the variables i need to know and stuff.
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    hello banerjeerupak
    well,when u mention how much power(max power the engine can produce--)u have to mention at which speed?
    so at a certain speed u can get a certain power-
    and for this max power the engtine can generate---its can be monitored at a different values for the speed---in an indicated diagram of the power&speed ---
    which kind of the power u talking about?
    for the rated power-couldnt u see the max speed in the dashboard?and then u could calculate how much power?
    for the brake hp__u could use a dynamometer_in which the speed is indicated_and torque calculated_and then (torque*angular velocity=power)
    hope i could help u-
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    thank you 'Q_Goest' for the website. it was the thing that i was looking for. thanks 'machinest' for explaining how to put the problems as well as the variables in question....
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