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Calculating the ratio of charges in Leyden Jar

  1. Jan 5, 2012 #1
    In Walter Lewin's lecture while explaining the Leyden jar he says that the charge on the glass is 12 times more than that in the air gap.
    How is this obtained ?

    Basically there are 2 metal containers separated by a glass sheet. The air gap between the outer conductor and glass is 1 mm, the thickness of glass is 3 mm and the airgap between the glass and the inner conductor is 1 mm.
    The electric fields in the air gap and glass are worked out to be as below :

    (i)air gap of 1 mm thickness and electric field of 3*10^6 V/m in it
    (ii)adjacent to air gap is : glass sheet of 3 mm thickness and electric field of 8*10^6 V/m
    (iii) another air gap of 1 mm thickness and electric field of 3*10^6 V/m in it

    Since Q is proportional to AE, shouldnt the ratio of charge on glass to charge on metal be 8/3 ?

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