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Calculating the torque in a moving arm of a catapult

  1. Apr 16, 2009 #1
    Find the ideal energy transferred to a projectile in a spring launching device, the device is a catapult which involves a bungee cord being stretched and has the cord attached to a throwarm which is pivoting on a circular rod. i have calculated the elastic energy stored in the cord at the maximum stretch and in order to calculate ideal energy, i need to find the energy required to get the throwarm moving so i can subtract the two to find the ideal energy that should be transferred to the projectile. My teacher says that you need to use torque and lever energy knowledge to solve this problem. (Sorry for the bad english)

    my catapult looks something like this
    on the same page if you scroll down, it will show you how the catapult works i a video
    please check out this link and the video as i need a bit of help calculating the torque
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