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Calculating Time?

  1. Nov 22, 2009 #1
    Im not really sure what type of problem this is so I put it here, im new to these forums and want to see if anyone can help me.

    I am playing this game where you bet fake money on these ships that will race after you bet, there are 8 ships you can support and you can support all if you want. They give a bunch of numbers which are the statistics of the ship, like oar power sail power etc. I tried every sequence to try and figure out a logical way of betting on the right ship but none seem right; I want to see if anyone else can figure it out.

    Boat-----------------Sail Power--------------------------Oar Power-----------------Return Power
    1. Boat 1---------------4.3---------------------------------3.7-------------------------5.6
    2. Boat 2---------------3.7---------------------------------3.3-------------------------6.7
    3. Boat 3---------------4.9---------------------------------4.3-------------------------4.2
    4. Boat 4---------------4.4---------------------------------3.6-------------------------5.6
    5. Boat 5---------------4.4---------------------------------3.8-------------------------5.4
    6. Boat 6---------------3.7---------------------------------3.4-------------------------6.6
    7. Boat 7---------------3.8---------------------------------3.7-------------------------6.2
    8. Boat 8---------------3.5---------------------------------4.0-------------------------6.2
    Boat 7 is the Winner
    I can't think of any ways of doing this logically, is it random? What are your guys thoughts?
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