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Calculating Torque from PSI

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    The customer's print calls out 250 ft-lbs mininum on a weld. There was a gage built some time ago.... The weld is used to mend a cylindrical feature after forming/stamping the part. There is a bar inserted into the part (part is constrained with pins into a fixture). And the other end of the part is pushed up with a 0.75" Cylinder. An air compressor is set at 50 PSI (someone previously converted to this). The length of the bar is 1 ft (close enough). The part is obviously on a rotational axis. Any ideas as to how one would set up a formula to convert the 250 ft-lbs to PSI?

    (bar) |---|
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    My "illustration" didn't turn out correctly. The cylinder is at the end of the bar.
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