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Calculating Torque ratio

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    Here is my question that I havent been able to solve.
    What would the torque ratio be for a set of gears with a gear ratio of 3.2:1?
    And how did you come up with the answer?
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    what does a gear ratio mean?
    If you apply a torque to a set of gears how does the gear ratio effect that?
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    This is my question.Two gears have a turning ratio of 3.2:1 What is there torque ratio ?
    And how would you calculate that??
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    By the way I am a 55 year old Automotive service tech so I dont have homework. Just trying to resolve a issue.
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    If the gear ratio is 3.2:1, then the torque ratio is 1:3.2. The output shaft will have 3.2 times the torque of the input shaft if the input shaft rotates 3.2 times every time the output shaft rotates 1 time. Power remains the same except for drivetrain losses.
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    Thank you for your time Jeff
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