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Homework Help: Calculating velocities to be gained in positioning

  1. May 27, 2004 #1
    I am looking for a formula necessary to caculate velocities to be gained in positioning a target delivery system at a target point prior to reentry vehicle delivery. The delivery system will be launched from a mobile platform at sea. The corrections that need to be considered and included are:

    -deflection correction of launch platform in x,y & z axis
    -correction of delivery system misalignment with reference to launch platform
    -local gravity
    -earth rotational speed

    The formula is neccessary to calculate the requisite velocities needed to strike a stationary land target with a ballistic object released from a delivery system. It will be assumed that the delivery system will be at 0 vbg (Velocities to Be Gained).

    The only corrections to be considered are:
    -air density
    -wind direction above target

    All I can come up with so far is this:
    The actual computations go across three different reference planes. There's the launch platform reference plane, which is resolved about the physical frame into what's called the 'computing reference' plane, and that in turn is used to calculate the velocity to be gained values to be used in the delivery system reference plane.
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    do you need differential equations which you are going to integrate?
    or just an answer directly: VBG=...?
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    Just the equation is all I am in desperate need of...
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    sorry, but from your description it is still not clear to me what "THE" equation should be like. I doubt one would start out with only one equation though.
    Maybe you could give some more background (is this some project, an exam question) or some more info.
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