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Calculating z0 decay

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    I want to calculate the matrix element of Z0 decay into a fermion, antofermion pair given the propagator, vertex element and fermi's golden rule.

    But somewthing is going wrong.

    First the propagator has a term 1/Mz^2 so
    the MatrixElement^2 will go like 1/Mz^4.

    but the vertex factor has a term Mz^2 so the matrix element will finally go

    But according to the answer the matrix element must go like Mz^2 so I'm wrong a factor Mz^4

    take a look here;

    https://www.physicsforums.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=8956&d=1169839397" [Broken]
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    why do you have a propagtor when it is a tree-level decay.... look at your Feymann diagram and you should see no propagtor.. unless I have misunderstood your interaction.
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