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Calculation Help

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    I'm not sure if this is the right place for this....

    I am trying to work out how much watts my computer will use over a whole day...

    I have measured it and it using a Power Monitor and it displayed that it was using 105 watts, so what calculation will I have to use to work out its daily usage?

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    cheak your textbook?
    haha go on the net to find the equation. if im not wrong it is the amount of time you use \times\ the amount of eletricity use. then average it out to the number of days u use the com.
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    To calculate the amount of energy the computer consumes you would multiply the power by the time the computer is in use for.
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    And the units on that answer would be Joules (1J = 1W * 1s), or in Watt*Hours, depending on whether you want the answer in mks units, or more traditional power company units (what you see on your power bill).
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