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Calculation of Callan-Symanzik Beta function of QED/QCD to one loop order

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    Hi everybody.
    I was given a project to calculate Callan-Symanzik beta function of QED and QCD (with massless fermions) to one loop order. This problem is actually solved in Peskin, BUT without the needed rigor, plus with funny assumptions and also a few mistakes.
    I have tried for a long time to find where this topic is covered in the manner it is covered in Peskin, but it seems that Peskin's access to the problem although not quite clear to me is pretty original. (Even Callan's original article is not sharing the same access)
    My question is: Does anyone knows where I can find literature dealing with Renormalization group from Callan-Symanzik's point og view, and most simillar to Peskin's access to that issue ?

    Thanks ahead.
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    I don't have peskin, but they all do it pretty much the same standard way, so there's no need to handcuff yourself to peskin.

    Well, any good textbook is going to require you fill in some of the details since it's by doing calculations that you learn.

    Since peskin has been the standard graduate textbook on the subject for quite a while now. this probably indicates that you don't understand something. I'd start by resolving these issues.
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    doesnt Peskin start with the usual Dyson proposed perturbative expansion?
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    I im quite new in this forum, but I supose that the purpose of this forum is to supply answers to questions and not ctiticizm on ignorance. My question was: Does anybody knows literature with simillar to Peskin's access to C-S equation and NOT whenever I understand or not what is written there or how much calculations I must do to learn. And about your comment on mistakes, I do not know if you are familiar with the fact that EVERY books have mistakes, and also Peskin is full of them, look at the errata in Peskin's site, if you do not belive me.
    In the future,please, leave these comments to yourself if you have nothing usefull to prupose.

    I have managed to close the gaps in this area.
    Thanks for help.
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    What I posted was based on my own personal experience learning and teaching and was meant to help, not to offend or criticize and I appologize for making you feel attacked. I just didn't want you spending too much time looking for the "ideal" treatment of this subject with all the details spelled out etc because the only place you'll find that is in the notes of some other student who's made the same calculation.

    There may be typos remaining in the book, but I'm pretty sure the errata and the book contain no serious logical errors. Can you say something about the parts of peskin that are bothering you? Maybe I can help decipher them. I can also help you with the technical details of these calculations if you want.

    Just keep in mind that you don't know me and therefore couldn't possibly know for certain how my post was intended. From this standpoint your reaction was presumptious and unjustified and unlike my comments, clearly meant to attack. Likewise, I don't know you, and in the future I'll be more careful with you, but if you habitually fly off the handle like this I definitely won't be wasting any of my time helping you.
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