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Calculation of Eternity

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    Calculation of Eternity.

    Chères personnes.

    Can you please forward informations and scientific references,
    concerning Dr Stephen Hawking's calculations, that led him to
    theorise and demonstrate, that the Universe never had a com-
    mencement, and is Eternal.

    Dieu vous bliss!

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    Last I heard, Dr. Hawking subscribed to the standard model of cosmology, where did you hear that he demonstrated that the universe had no beginning?
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    James Hartle, Niel Turok and Stephen Hawkings worked on cosmologies that required no initial singular spacetime beginning, using math objects called "Instantons" and a complexified type of time coordinate. Check here for a quick introduction.

    Cambridge Cosmology: Quantum Cosmology with instantons --->
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    In the ( )

    Dear Quart

    Thanks for your lights, I am ( ) to understand;
    that few peaple understand...

    God bliss!

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    Formula for eternity

    Eternity -
    For every moment 'X' there will exist a moment 'X+1"
    For every moment 'X' there did exist a moment 'X-1"
    Any questions?
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