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Calculation of graviton speed

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    If I take a large mass such as the sun and change its negative
    electric charges (half the total number of charges) into positive
    charges, so all electric charges are positive, and I transform the
    electric force so that like charges attract (by changing photons from spin 1 to spin 2), the charges would be
    behaving like masses.If I take the mass of the star and convert half
    of it to negative mass, since like masses attract , we would expect
    unlike masses to repel one another.By transforming the gravitational
    force so that unlike masses attract one another( by changing the graviton from spin 2 to spin 1), mass
    would now be behaving like charge.
    If mass and charge have swapped places in the Sun, under the above
    transformation, then mass can generate an electromagnetic wave.
    How fast is this wave?

    Using the equation for the radius excess of the Sun and assuming it
    must be the same from the point of view of charges as it is from the
    point of view of masses:

    GM/3 c^2 = k Q/ 3 v^2 ( Q =total charge after half charge in the Sun
    has its sign reversed,so all charge has one sign)

    10^ -11 x 10^30 / (10^8) ^ 2 = 10^9 x 10^ 38 / v^2

    v = 10 ^ 22 metres per second.
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