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Homework Help: Calculation of Higher Heating Value of LPG

  1. Jul 7, 2013 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) is used to fuel SI engines. A typical sample of the fuel consists of 70% by volume propane (C3H8), 5% by volume butane (C4H10), and 25% by volume propene (C3H6). The higher heating values of the fuels are: propane, 50.38 MJ/kg; butane, 49.56 MJ/kg; propene (propylene), 48.95 MJ/kg. (A)Work out the overall combustion reaction for stoichiometric combustion of one kmole of LPG with air, and the stoichiometric F/A and A/F ratios. (B)What are the higher and lower heating values for combustion of this fuel with excess air, per unit mass of LPG?

    2. Relevant equations

    $$C_\alpha H_\beta +\frac{1}{\phi }(\alpha +\frac{\beta}{4})(O_2+3.772N_2)\rightarrow n_1CO_2+n_2H_{2}O+n_3O_2+n_4N_2$$

    $$HHV=LHV+\frac{m_{H_2O}}{m_f}$$ where,
    HHV-Higher heating Value,LHV-Lower Heating Value

    3. The attempt at a solution(my detailed hand-written solution is attached as thumbnail)

    PART (A) question was answered(see below). PART(B) of the question I am struggling with.
    a.I am not sure if my methodology of unit conversion is righti.e from ([itex]\frac{MJ }{kmol} to \frac{MJ}{kg}[/itex].
    b.Is it right to calculate the HHV and LHV from {enthalpy of formation of product (with H2O as water and gas respectively)}-{enthalpy of formation of reactant}?
    c.Enthalpy of formation of reactant=0.7hf_C3H8+0.05hf_C4H10+0.25hf_C3H6, IS THIS CALCULATION RIGHT?

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