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Calculation of power absorbed at agitator shaft

  1. Jun 25, 2014 #1
    I have with me an existing Agitator details of which are as below

    Motor= 2.2KW/ 3 HP, 1440 Rpm
    Gear Reducer = ratio 40/1
    Agitator Shaft RPM= 36
    Agitator Shaft dimension
    Length = 2500mm round bar , SS 304
    Blades = 5 nos, 100 mm wide, 5 mm thick, dia = 2200 mm, at a distance of 400mm each, ss 304
    weight of the agitator shaft & impeller assembly = approx 177 lbs
    Purpose of agitation : Alum tank agitator
    density ~ 1.3 - 1.4

    Now i need the one more exact assembly to increase the capacity of my Plant, however i have no clue how to derive the absorbed power at the agitator shaft or the torque requirement to drive the agitator shaft. I have basic knowledge of gear reducer selection for which i need to calculate the absorbed power.

    Can someone please suggest how to do that.
    Also is it possible to directly select the Gear reducer based on the motor input KW ? If so then how ?

    Thanks in advance.
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