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Calculation of Propeller Thrust

  1. Jun 25, 2012 #1
    Is there any way to calculate the thrust provided by a propeller, given only the geometry of the propeller and the windspeed.

    Stationary propeller
    Wind Speed = 30 m/s
    Blades = 10

    Propeller Geometry:
    Constant Chord length (γ)
    Square tip Propeller
    Pitch at root = α
    Pitch at tip = β
    Advance ratio = 1.17
    Propeller Rotation = ω

    Blade Span = ε
    Blade Diameter = μ
    Hub Diameter = σ

    Assume linear change in pitch

    We do not know the downstream velocity therefore thrust calculation is complicated. Any ideas how to go about this problem? I am also starting to learn CFD calculations using Fluent but the mesh is very complicated. I must also check using some numerical solution. Ideas?

    Thank you
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