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Calculator help

  1. Oct 11, 2006 #1
    Hi all. I have a Casio fx-85MS scientific calculator but forgot how to work it. I need to do calculations like 2000/(1+0.08) to the power of 9. Its a formula for working out the value of money in x amount of years at 8% discount factor. I cant rememer how to get the power of function on the calculator to work, I thought it was EXP something but cant figure it out. I even downloaded the userguide but cant understand it. Incase you havn't guessed its been a while since I needed to do mahts,
    Any ideas?
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    The button labeled ^ should be the right one. According to a picture of this calculator I've found it is just above sin.

    Use EXP to get powers of 10. For example: EXP,5,EXE would be the same as 10,^,5,EXE. Both results will be 100000.


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