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  1. I wasn't sure where to post this, as it's just a general question rather than anything actually math related..

    I'm starting pre-calc this summer, excellerated, and going into calc 1 at the second half of the summer. This is to get me ready for starting my Physics major in the fall.

    I'm a transfer student, who has been very interested in physics for a while now, but only recently got up the guts to switch schools and majors to follow my passion.

    ANYWAYS..(through all of that, this is going to sound like a stupid question BUT)

    I'm at the stage of buying a calculator. I know for calculus I'll need a graphing calculator such at the TI-89 but now they have these TI-Nspire ones as well, with and without CAS

    I have no idea what to buy, and I want to buy something that would be good for all my college years if possible.. basically I would rather over buy right now, so I have something that can last me, rather than buy something just for beginning calc now, and have to buy another one when I get to higher math and physics.

    and I'm not sure what the consensus is on CAS or non CAS..

    any info would be great, thanks fellas
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  3. In my experience, in higher math and physics you almost never need a calculator, and when you do any old calculator will be fine.

  4. Mark44

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    I concur with JasonRF.

    It might be hard for some of you young whippersnappers to imagine, but there are a few of us on this forum who studied calculus before calculators came on the scene.
  5. If you're going to buy a new calculator I would recommend the TI nspire CAS as it does pretty much everything. It's what I use currently to check all my answers.
  6. thats actually refreshing to hear, I prefer math that can be intuited, and done out, rather than plugging extensive equations into calculators.

    I think I need a graphing calculator for calculus I believe (they expect it) so should I get the CAS one or non CAS?
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