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Calculator Question

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    I'm not exactly sure if this goes here, but it has a little to do with Academics. I am entering Senior year of HS and I am taking an AP Calc class. Since my TI-83 was stolen, I now have to invest once again into a calculator. As a pre-college student planning on taking many math/science classes, would it benefit me any getting a TI-89, or actually, anything better than a TI-83? Being ever money conscious(gas has hit 3.50 in my area!), I have to be thrifty, and do not wish to make a purchase that will not be adequate later on. Please help with advice/tell me to get on another forum or w/e.

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    Well, having recently converted from a TI-83 Plus Silver Edition to a TI-89 Titanium, I must say that I do love my 89. Nonetheless, I received it as a gift, and didn't have to pay for it. I'm not sure what I'd tell you.
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    Check with the math/physics department of whatever institution you are interested in attending. USUALLY a TI-83 or 84 is the most advanced calculator that can be used on tests. Some departments use HP's, I understand, but I am not familiar with them. I have a Voyage 200 and love it, but I also use my TI-83 Silver. Some folks believe that you don't need a graphing calculator at all, but in my Calc1 and Calc 2 courses, if you did not have an 83, the instructor would loan you one. Everyone had to learn the calculator.Statistics class also mandated the use of a TI-83.
    Your milage may vary,
    good luck to you
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    I haven't taken math above Calculus yet, but we couldn't use anything higher than an 83. I guess there's programs that help your solve stuff easier on them or something. Sucks, because the 89's have the best games. :(

    Still, I can't imagine a calculator helping you much later on. It boils down to equations and stuff later, right? Stuff you can't just plug in and say "by the power of Christ! Solve!" and get an answer, right?

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    My university's math department only allows one calculator, and for some courses none at all.

    That calculator is the uber-powerful Sharp EL-510R
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    Just a note I came accross this on the syllabus' for most of the math courses I looked at.


    I would kick myself for spending the money on a calculator I couldn't use. Just throwing this out there to add to what BillBLack and Poop-Loops said.
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    I'd reccomend an 86. The layout is much less annoying than an 83, it is allowed by all of the Math Departments I have ever heard of, and it has all the power you need. The only downside is that a department geared toward 83/4s may not give you the best support for it, so you need to play with it to learn everything about it.
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    Geez..I didn't know about that "by the power of Christ" incantation. THAT'S what I've been doing wrong!

    Pray for those in the upper Gulf Coast disaster.
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    Thanx all

    So is the TI-83 Silver a pretty good choice all around? I really didn't know what a 89 did or w/e, i just heard and read that it was for advanced math. Thanx for all the responses
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