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Calculators Calculator To Get For College

  1. Jun 10, 2003 #1
    I'm starting college in a couple months now, and I would like to know which calculator I should get. I heard TI-92+ is nice, but unrealistic as many teachers won't let you use them on tests. 89's are a good alternative, but I have heard that HP's are better.

    Right now I own a HP48gx. I'm majoring in engineering, and perhaps a double major in physics, but I'm not positive yet.

    All I want to know is if I should get another calculator, such as a TI, or not.
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    I'd stick to the one you have and invest my time learning to use it instead of spending more money on another. That is a great calculator for engineering!
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    Time I have spent, I used to read the manual in study hall, lots of fun!

    Soon I hope to use it for actual, worthwhile problems.
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    Also, does anybody know where I could get extra memory for this calculator? All the sites that had it before are gone:frown:
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    This is a great source for downloadable programs and...

    many other things relating to HP calculators. You might enjoy browsing here;

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