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Calculator trouble

  1. Feb 23, 2009 #1
    hello my calculator cant do Cos^4(10).
    my lecturer i think said that Cos(10^4) would give the same answer but i cant remember what exactly he said. Please help me!
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    In Radians
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    WHY can't your calculator do cos4(10)? It certainly looks straightforward. Do you get some kind of error message?
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    Well from your post it's pretty clear that you don't even understand what cos^4(10) means, so surely the underlying problem is here and not with the calculator.

    [itex]\cos^n(x)[/itex] means [itex](\cos\,x)^n[/itex], ok.

    So now you know what it means I suppose that your calculator will now be able to do it.
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