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Calculator Woes

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    Anyone know enough about TI-83s to help me out? For some reason whenever I try to graph a polar equation on mine it gives me what the graph should look like for radians when degrees is the mode of choice and vice versa. For example, if I were to graph sin(theta) I get a nice pretty circle when the mode is in degrees but when radians is selected it gives me a psychotic bunch of lines sorta going around a circle (despite this when I hit trace in the degree mode it'll give every angle in degrees for what's the radian picture). Can someone help me out on this? Because I'd really like to figure out what's with it ASAP, none of my friends are sure... :bugeye:
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    Check the size of your "window". Graphing in polar coord mode, that will include a "step" on theta that does not change if you change from degrees to radians.

    I just tried that: I had a theta step of 1 (degree) and got a good picture. I changed into radian mode and the step stayed at "1" but now that was 1 radian- so my picture consisted of lines connecting (cos(n), sin(n)) for n= 1 to 360 RADIANS!
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    Hmmm I still don't like the look of it... unless you're supposed to get many many little triangles that eventually form a great black swarth versus a simple line... a few people have said maybe there's some wire crossed accidentally but I've used it for years and never had problems, but then I've never graphed polar stuff either. :confused:
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    Update: I flagged down someone more experienced than I at calculator nuances and the problem got fixed after a few minutes of rapid button pressing. Yay!
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