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Calculus 3?

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    Um I don't know if this is the right forum to post this but w/e:

    I'm taking calc BC right now as a junior and my teacher gave me the option to take calc 3 at a college nearby. However, my grasp of calculus is...weak. I think it would look great for college apps, but I fear complete failure taking calc 3....

    What do you, members of PF, think I should do?
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    How about taking Calculus I & II at a College? Least you'll be learning and being taught it at a College level. It will prepare you far more than continuing on knowing you're Calculus is weak. It's just too important! You're still young, and I'm glad that you're not blindly jumping into the ocean.
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    Yeah that's what I would optimally prefer to do, but I'm afraid that admissions officers reviewing my application will look down upon, wondering why I am taking the course twice.
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    It won't have bearing on anything, there's nothing wrong with re-taking a class if you feel you need more time to understand it.
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    Screw them and that isn't the kind of attitude you should have towards your future! Having a solid foundation is too important. If they give you crap about it, just say your HS sucked and you wanted a better treatment ;)
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    do what you need to do not what will look good
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    The issue seems to be not what you should do in your situation, but what is your situation.
    -if you really do not understand any of what you have learned by all means reteke
    -if you have some understanding review and take the next one
    AP Calculus has caused some problems
    -at some colleges they
    1) Teach calculus as remedial (you should no this by now)
    2) Teach calculus like AP calculus
    3) Teach calculus like the do not care
    hello 700 students Me id newt to yous lands I's will be taught yours der ricci calculi for me be's fisrt years student grad!
    4) Teach calculus from terrible books
    if any of 1-4 apply run don't walk away from that calculsu class

    Maybe you understand better than you think
    No one understands every thing and better students better understand what they do not understand better
    If you have some basic understanding and computational ability some more time an practice could help more than you expect

    AP Calculus has causes
    -Bad Calculus instruction
    -students who view it as practice
    as such it is quite commom for students to repeat AP classes (even when the got A's and 5's) in college
    that is not bad, but what is bad is if
    they give 50% effort each attemp
    learn little of wrong stuff on one or both attemps
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    I definitely agree that it is more important to go back and master the stuff from Calculus I & II. There were three high school kids in my math class last semester and they barely squeaked by. Save yourself the gas and find a solid text on single variable calculus.
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