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Calculus A,B,C, & D vs. 1,2,3

  1. Apr 11, 2009 #1
    Im currently taking night courses and all they offer is calculus ABCD. I just finished calc C and the course covered convergent and divergent series, power series, vectors in 3d, and polar coordinates. I was wondering how ABCD compare to 1,2,3? If I complete ABCD does that mean i don't need to take calc 1,2,3?
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    You could start at Calc 3. That's where you get your 3d vector operators Div Grad and Curl
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    just a fun fact:

    UCLA's Calculus system is 6 semesters:



    the typical calc 1,2,3 linear algebra, differential equations typical path for most colleges and universities
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    Is linear algebra covered in their calculus sequence?
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    33A is linear algebra, and 33B is intro to diff equations

    so I guess their sequence is just like calc abcd + those two classes.
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