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Homework Help: Calculus - Algebra question

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    The Numerical Values of the circumference and area of a circle add up to 16.
    Determine the radius to 4 sf.

    Well so far me and my friend have been working on this and all of our results have been different to the final question, :<

    We first tried to manipulate with the formula pi x r^2 = a without any success, it would be appreciated if someone could clarify this question.

    Yes, maybe not a very hard question but it has confused us.
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    You know that the:

    Area + Circumferance = 16

    Area = [itex] \pi r^2 [/itex]
    Circuference = [itex] \pi r [/itex]

    all you need do is solve the above relationship for r.
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    Denote the area as x and the circumference as y
    x + y = 16

    Then substitute y in terms of x in the second equation and solve it.
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    Probably a typo, but I'm fairly sure that Circuference = [itex] 2\pi r [/itex]
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    we had actually already got it, but we messed up the quadractic formula calculation.

    Btw for thoose who are wondering the answer was 1.4683
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    why is this a "calculus-algebra" question?
  8. Feb 25, 2005 #7
    In the New Zealand Curriculum.

    Caculus is comprised of

    Complex numbers/algebra

    So by New Zealand standards this is an Calculus - Algebra question
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