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Calculus and Beyon

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    I think it might be time to split up "Calculus and Beyond". I can't think of many good subcategories that are broad enough though...
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    As in an Algebra homework section?
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    You could extend it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buzz_Lightyear" [Broken].

    ..but, seriously, folks...

    you could have:
    Introductory Calculus
    Advanced Calculus and Beyond
    (akin to Introductory Physics and Advanced Physics)
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    I was thinking along those lines myself.

    The introductory material on derivatives and integrals gets lost in the middle of ordinary and partial differential equations, tensors, differential geometry, . . . The math forum has 7 categories!

    Besides algebra, trigonometry, analytical geometry, some basic linear analysis, what would precalculus embody?

    Limits would go in Introductory Calculus?
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