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Homework Help: Calculus based elementary physics

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    Although I have completed two semesters of basic physics, I'm going to need to take a calculus based physics course this spring. I am a bit concerned since it's been a while since I took calculus; does the course utilize calculus extensively (in terms of the amount of theorems one will have to know).......creatively (degree of manipulation of these theorems, one's familiarity with calculus)? I got a few more days before add/drop period ends.
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    I have no idea what course you are going to take, but since this is your first calculus based physics, I believe only basic derivative will involves. You NEED to take that class anyway, why don't you stick on that class and see how bad it is.....
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    In terms of the amount of theorems you have to know? No. In term of your mastery of the basic principle of calulus in the sense "geometrical, algebraic and physical(?) interpretations of calculus"? A lot.
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