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Calculus based physics

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    I'm currently a sophomore in colllege and because I'm going to study abroad next year I need to take physics at another college during the summer. The trouble is, I need calculus based physics to fulfill my college's requirement. If anyone knows of any colleges in the US that have calculus based physics during their summer programs that would be great. Thanks
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    A lot of them probably do, especially the larger universities. Does location matter? Have you checked the Web sites for colleges and universities in your area?

    For example, the University of South Carolina at Columbia (the main campus) offers PHYS 211-212, "Essentials of Physics," this summer.
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    most do, in my school for instance they offer both 1 and 2 in 6 week semesters; lots of classes like general chem, bio, and calc are like that too.
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