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Calculus BC is 2 months

  1. Feb 2, 2016 #1
    Hello I am currently a sophomore in high school and am looking to graduate early next year. I need to take 4 additional classes this summer at my local community college in order to satisfy all the courses I need in order to graduate early. To give my self a boost I was looking in to taking the AP CALC BC exam this year with only 3 months to go until the actual AP test this year on May 11, do you think it would be possible to teach myself AP calculus BC is a matter of 2 months with INTENSE studying probably for 4 hours a day plus like 6 hours on the weekend for everyday until the exam with knowledge of pre calculus and strong algebra skills. Thankyou for answering to my question. :smile:
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  3. Feb 2, 2016 #2
    Can you do it in 2 months? Yes. Should you do it in 2 months? Probably not.
  4. Feb 2, 2016 #3
    Why dont you think I should do it in 2 months?
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    It's a lot of information to absorb in just two months, and it's not helpful in the long run if you plan to use calculus in the future. It's not impossible but it's far from efficient.
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    Sure, you can probably do very well on the exam in 2 months. But that's called cramming. Will you gain the necessary deeper insight? Will you still be comfortable with the material after several years? Things like that are important. And the more time you spend on something, the more comfortable you will be with it, and the more comfortable you will remain with the material. I suggest to take out all the time it takes to learn the subject. Don't rush things.
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    This is in addition to your normal schoolwork?
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    Thankyou for all the insight guys I just have a comment to micromass, dont you think students who do take the normal duration class forget the information especially when they dont use it and I would like to major in Physics this summer and I would be using the topics quite frequently
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