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Calculus BC

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    Is there any teacher here that teachers Calculus BC?
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    everybody here probably knows more than most BC calc teachers about calculus, if that will help. But if you need someone familiar with the BC curriculum many of us are not.
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    If you need someone familiar with BC curriculum I am taking Calc BC right now
    whats your question
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    Calc BC is mostly similar to second semester of college Calc. Additional to 1st sem basic calc, stuff like series, sequences, differential eqn, conics etc are covered. I am sure many of us can help, if you have any questions.
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    Thank you all for trying to help but i already found a teacher.
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    BC generally proceeds with integral calculus, but rather than continuing where it left off, it starts with sequences and series (culminating in Taylors beautiful theorem) and then doing conics and parametric equations, then going into 3d geometry of planes and stuff like that.
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