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Calculus Book

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    I want study calculus for understand it better and get better in my class. For what book do I should start? What about these books: Spiavak, James Stewart, Apostol. Wich is better??
    I already know about functions, limits and derivation but soon im going to be with integration so I want to get basics and study again those topics (limits, functions and derivates)

    Wich book do you recommend?:confused:
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    I have used Stewart, early transcendentals and I found it to be pretty good.
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    I guess it depends on how deep you want to swim. In order of "shallow" to "deep": Stewart, Spivak, Apostol.
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    I've only read the works of Spiavak and Stewart, so I cant speak for Apostol. I do prefer Spiavak though.
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    Apostol is a bit unconventional in that he introduces integration before limits and differentiation, and in a way that most people are not used to. But if that doesn't bother you, along with the Definition-Theorem-Proof format, then Apostol is a pretty good choice to learn calculus.

    Haven't seen the other books.
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