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Calculus by Stewart (3rd ed.)

  1. Jul 2, 2003 #1
    Well, I saw that this section of the forum was empty and since I have read through plenty of school texts...

    Calculus - 3rd Edition
    James Stewart
    Brooks/Cole Publishing Company

    Approximate price: $110 USD (New), $72 USD (used - what I paid many years ago)

    The most current is 4th Edition but everything is about the same, chapters are rearranged.

    Review and preview
    1. Limits and rates of change
    2. Derivatives
    3. The mean value theorem and curve sketching
    4. Integrals
    5. Applications of integration
    6. Inverse funcitons
    7. Techniques of integration
    8. Further applications of integrations
    9. Parametric equations and polar coordinates
    10. Infinite sequences and series
    11. Three-dimensional analytic geometry and vectors
    12. Partial derivatives
    13. Multiple integrals
    14. Vector calculus
    15. Differential Equations

    This book covers pretty much every aspect of calculus that an aspiring student, or other, would need to know. It has ample examples with pretty thorough explainations of the rules involved for problem solving. And plenty of problems to solve, too!

    The main downside of this book (IMO) is the tendency to not explain what algebraic (or other) function is used to help solve example problems which leave the reader to wonder "how?" certain numbers 'magically' appeared (a little confused).

    The reader will be a much stronger mathematician and problem solver. Not only in math but in regards to other subjects as well; such as physics, statics, dynamics, statistics, etc...

    My overall rating is an enthusiastic two thumbs up. I have probably been through the book 3 or 4 times over throughout my educational career, and it always presents a challenge. I definitely recommend anyone wanting to learn and possibly master calculus to pick up this book and get to work!

    Look for more reviews by me to follow!
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