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Is this book by Stewert good as a first calculus book?
I had that book for AP Calc (AB) and it seemed ok. I bet there is a better book though.


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stewart second edition is nice. what do you want from a book? there are many better books in the sense of deeper explanations, more proofs, more applications to physics, more explanation of how the ideas arise in the world.

i like comenetz' book elements of calculus, and spivak, and apostol, and courant, and cooke- finney- thomas 9th edition, edwards - penney first edition, kitchen, elliot gootman, sylvanus p. thompson for jokes, cruse and granberg, lang analysis I, langs calculus I.

different boks have different goals and different points of view, and are written by people with different skills and levels of understanding and research orientation or lack of it.

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