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Calculus DVD's would you recommend these?

  1. May 1, 2005 #1
    Hi. I have recently seen calculus tutorial for change+motion on Discover magazine.
    Link is below to order..
    http://www.teach12.com/ttc/lp_Discover_2.asp?ai=18086 [Broken]

    I was thinking about investing money on the DVD's.. but i do not know if they will help me, any opinions? would you prefer buying these or study calculus on your own?
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    i don't recommend them. nobody can teach you calculus. you cannot learn it by watching, no matter how many times you watch. you just have to do the problems. i think that getting the n-1 edition of a textbook (so that it's super cheap) is the way to go, if you just want to learn it on your own.

    make sure first that you have a really good understanding of trigonometric functions, geometry, and algebra. if you are lacking in those, you are going to run into stupid problems trying to work the caclulus.
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