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Calculus exercises wanted

  1. Jun 5, 2005 #1
    Hi everybody,
    I am searching for a Calculus book that is focused on exercises and not on theory. I am studying multivariable functions and I need a book with lots of solved exercises. I especially want to focus on the double,triple,surface and line integrals. Any suggestions??
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    schaum's probably has a book like that. schaum's books are cheap too
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    Thanks for your answer. Schaum's "Calculus" and "Advanced Calculus" seem to me quite good. But you know, many topics are explained in them so there are not many solved exercises. I actually want a book about integrals, methods of integration etc
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    Thanks for your suggestions devious. I hadn't checked Amazon because I have never bought anything online but I think I will start. They seem to be what I am looking for, and in my country i can't find anything like that in bookstores.(except from "Calculus" by Schaum)

    Thanks again for your help
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    I know what you mean.. :/
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