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Calculus for the practical man

  1. Jun 30, 2013 #1
    Is it a good first calculus book? Feynman used and liked it. it especially made for self study and that's what I need...did any of you use it? Is there something better?
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    Spivak calculus series seems to be appreciated by a lot of people...If you want something for the computation drill, Demidovich mathematical analysis book is the all time classic, even though it is now considered quite "hardcore" by some. It also includes the basics of theory you need to solve the exercises. (Well, at least like first 10% of them, later exercises usually need some kind of a trick).
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    I have Spivak I'm saving it for later ...I need an intro book and I'm also looking for a review for 'Calculus for the practical man '? did anyone use it?
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