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Calculus For Univeristy

  1. Jun 26, 2009 #1
    Hello to all , first of all sorry for my poor english.
    So this year I made the final exams and got accept to go to University to take Computer Engeneer I dont know if thats what is called on there , despite my bad math formation I did it.
    Now I will have Calcuclus I and II and I have to prepare my self becouse I am suppose to already know some stuff for calculus that I wasnt tought like limits and derivate.

    These are the objectives for Calculus I :

    Learn the basic topics of Mathematical Analysis. It is intended that the students acquire elementary techniques of calculus for the Physics, Chemistry and Engineering. Moreover, they should develop solid methods of logical reasoning.

    The are the books used and recommend:

    Main book -Anton, Bivens, Davis - Calculus, 8th Edition, Wiley, 2005 .


    1. Cálculo com geometria analítica, Earl W. Swokowski, MacGraw-Hill,1983.
    2. SALAS, HILLE - Calculus, one and several variables, John Wiley Sons, Inc, 1995.
    3. APOSTOL, T. - Calculus, Blaisdell, 1967.
    4. CAMPOS FERREIRA, J. - Introdução à Análise Matemática, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, 1982.
    5. STEWART, J. - Calculus, 3ª edição, Brooks/Cole Publishing Company, 1995.

    This is the program:

    1-Sequences of real numbers (main results)
    2-Real functions of a real variable: limits and continuity
    2.1 Definition of limit
    2.2 Properties of limits
    2.3 Lateral limits
    2.4 Continuity
    3- Differentiability of real functions of a real variable
    3.5 Definition of derivatives
    3.6 Derivation rules
    3.7 Derivative of composition of functions
    3.8 Derivatives of higher order
    4- Applications of the derivative
    4.1 Local extrema
    4.2 Rolle and Lagrange''''''''s theorems
    4.3 Concavity and asymptotes
    4.4 Anti derivatives
    5- Integral
    5.1 Definition of integral
    5.2 Properties of integral
    5.3 Mean value theorem
    5.4 The fundamental theorem of calculus
    5.5 Change of variables
    5.6 Integration by parts
    6- Logarithmic, exponential, and trigonometric functions and their properties
    7- Indeterminate forms and L´Hôpital''''''''s rule
    8- Improper integrals
    9- Taylor''''''''s formula
    10- Sequences of real numbers

    My math is on really bad shap I really want to master it so based on this would you recommend the Main book -Anton, Bivens, Davis - Calculus, 8th Edition, Wiley, 2005 ?
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    I know someone who is using Anton right now and she says it's a decent book. It is probably very similar to the Salas text and the Stewart text. Apostol will be more difficult and probably not necessary. You should be fine with Anton.
  4. Jun 27, 2009 #3
    So what book do you suggest to start learning calculus easly ?
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